Sayar Life Care

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Supply Chain & Distribution

Supply Chain :

  • Over 45 years old company.
  • Distributing agents for all the states of Tamil Nadu in INDIA for a Top 100 Pharmaceutical companies.
  • Distribution of Critical and lifesaving drugs including Oncology drugs.
  • Expertise in maintaining cold storage.
  • Huge capacities for cold storage of drugs.
  • Network of over 500 distributors in all states.
  • Expertise in delivering medicine to distributors within 24- 48 Hours.
  • Large warehouse capacity to handle any orders.

Sayar Life Care: A Leading Indian Pharmaceutical Distributor

Sayar Life Care, established in 1978, is a prominent pharmaceutical distribution company in Tamil Nadu, India. They’ve built a robust network, effectively reaching 300 small distributors and 800 retail stores across the state. We have a team of 68 employees to ensure all the demands of the partners are met.